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Corporate Watch: Castor Mistral

Our first time into corporate watches is the Castor Mistral. This model was designed to represent the popular pisco brand of the CCU company.

In its design there was the premise of clearly representing the barrel-ageing with which Mistral pisco is worked in its manufacture and obviously, the colors and distinctive of the brand. This is how the watch was designed with oak wood and the degrees of pisco appear on its dial, to coincide with the 35′, 40′ and 46′ minutes. In addition to this, there is also the second hand with the distinctive blue of the brand, along with the gold one that is also part of it.

In the following photo you can appreciate the conceptual art used in the production of this watch, designed by the creator of the Castor brand, Gonzalo Grebe:

Castor Mistral Corporate Watch
Concept Art – Castor Mistral

The strap is made of matte brown cowhide leather, and it ends up giving it an elegant, sober look, but very much identified with what it represents. The idea was to create a corporate watch that is really tasteful and you want to wear it.

The box also plays its role as a perfect and practical presenter, emulating the bottle boxes in its colors and design.

The final result that we wanted to achieve was not only a corporate watch, but also a watch that you always want to wear, due to its beauty and elegance. Our client CCU was very happy and so were we, for the objective achieved.

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Below are detailed photos of the Castor Mistral:

Castor Mistral Corporate Watch
Castor Mistral watch in its presentation box
Castor Mistral Corporate Watch
Castor Mistral Corporate Watch – Back View
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